GoalKeeper Academy

a Level 5 Athletics Premier Experience

Level 5 GoalKeeper Academy focuses on developing the globally recognized skills necessary to be a successful GoalKeeper. These skills include:


“Big Saves” – makes unexpected, result defining saves effective action – produces a variety of unique actions at the relevant moment outstanding distribution – passing technique that maximizes the “possession” phase consistent – repeated and successful use of effective actions.


Management of the game – execute the gk role in the team at any giving time. Proactive management – denies goal-scoring opportunities by positioning and instruction to field players. Exploits space in possession – proactive support and passes that eliminate opposition.


Winner – a relentless approach to being number 1. Nerve strength – inner belief to perform under pressure. Control – regulates the appropriate emotional state in order to maximize performance.


Leader – guides and inspires others. Presence – positive, ready to perform and compete. Learner – actively absorbs information quickly and effectively in order to improve.


Effective mover – a coordinated athlete who moves with ease. Physical presence – uses functional power to dominate physical scenarios.

Goalkeeper Academy student
Goalkeeper Academy student

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